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Slo-Mo Kayaks - The Slo-mo Kayak is especially designed for stability and from their web site appears to be especially suited to fishing. The site shows many pictures of people standing in the kayak and e.g. casting with a rod and reel. They optionally sell two models of trolling motor.

Stream Dancer - A completely hands-free electric powered personal fishing boat. Resembles a cross-breed of a canoe, sit-on-top-kayak and a drift boat. Yet, hidden under each side of the hull is an electric motor, connected to 18" long screw drives recessed in tunnels. This allows the watercraft to operate in as little as 6 inches of water. Sliding foot switches are connected to each motor/screw drive.

Outfitting Your W Fishing Kayak - An article describing the complete outfitting of a kayak for fishing, including a trolling motor. The kayak in question is a double pontoon with seating in the middle.

A Motorized Gentlemen's Kayak - The sleek lines and yacht-like appearance both in and out of the water attract attention to this custom craft. This kayak is an original Peter Hunt design based on a turn-of-the-century Herreshoff steam yacht.

Light Performance Works - A kit to electrify a kayak, the motor mounts where the rudder would/should be. I believe it steers using the foot controls that move the rudder.

Lazy-like Kayaking - A blogger writing about an experience of kayaking in an electric kayak.

Viking Tempo Fisherman electric kayaks - Austrian maker of kayaks who has a couple designed to have an electric motor.

Kingfisher Electric Boats - They have available: electric kayak plans, electric Kayak kits, and electric Kayaks fully assembled. It appears to be an open design kayak, no spray skirt etc, and is not a sit-on-top.

"REDEEMED CC" Electric Kayak - A home-built electric kayak design using a sit-on-top kayak. The fellow thinks it can be used to raft together several of these kayaks into a powered platform or barge and can be used to shuttle stuff around when a dock is full.

PowerYak - An electric kayak design by Glen-L Marine Designs. It's 17', built using "Stitch and Glue" techniques, has two seats, and a motor mounted in the aft.

What are electric kayaks? - Overview advice page describing electric kayaks.

Quietman's Electric Kayak Page - One man's design for an electrified kayak. His purpose is fishing and he's using an inexpensive trolling motor. The battery, I think, is a poor choice of a lead-acid marine battery, whereas for a kayak you want a light battery like you'd have with lithium-ion. His kayak is a sit-on-top style.

Eco Watercraft - Maker of an all electric jetski vehicle. It can go 50 miles/hr on the water, no emissions, no noise. It's recognized that regular jetski craft are very dirty putting out lots of pollution, and the noise irritates many. They've been banned in many places due to noise and pollution issues. As an electric vehicle this jetski has neither noise nor pollution.

Duffy Boats - Duffy sells a range of electric boats from 14' to 22' length. It seems these are meant to be "pleasure boats" for afternoon cruises, and not for long distance boating. But they are serious boats that appear to be well built, and the company has been in existence since 1970.

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