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This is a list of objections, questions, and topics stemming from the arguments contained in the video "How It All Ends." Here, the viewer is pointed to which video in the "Expansion Pack" contains the answer to their question or objection.

Maybe somebody out there will produce a more detailed version of this, since this version doesn't tell you which SEGMENT of which video explicitly addresses an objection. Go for it. That would be awesome, and a real community service. Maybe post it as a video response to this video, or contact wonderingmind42 directly.

For your navigation pleasure, the URLs of the entire "Expansion Pack" are listed below. Just click and enjoy! (Or, have the hairs on the back of your neck raised. . . )

The original video and the entire "Expansion Pack" are also available for download as MP4 files, available for editing, burning, subtitling, mashing up, ripping off, parodying, whatever. Contact wonderingmind42 directly for those.

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