MB-1-E Part Six: Original battery placement

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Update: After a few emails and a couple of phone calls, I've been assured that everything is/ will be on it's way here. Glad that's all straight now, my blood pressure is back to normal.

Today's episode brings good news. 6 of the 8 (12V-9Ah) batteries fit within my 18" mountain bike frame as planned. As you may remember, two more will be placed below the diagnol frame. This is very good news!
There is even a bit of room for the acrylic frame (triangular box) that I plan to make. There is also enough clearance for the crank arms to rotate freely. Whew! (Ya never really know until you get the components, if they are going to fit as planned).
I got lucky.

Below is the Helter-Skelter battery array (missing one battery that goes below the frame.)


Stay Tuned for more exciting episodes of the DIY, MB-1-E, long range, hill climbing, resurection of a dying Bridgestone MB-I mountain bike.

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I'll leave this one to the experts, if they ever toast, more than the Batteries are going to get too hot.

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Didn't ya see that ejection seat I've got on there ...
... I'll just pull the quick-release ane grab a tree branch on the way down :)

I'll be sure to pay attention when I'm wiring this up so that I can avoid the "Toast" scenerio.

... not to mention have it well fused.


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