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MB-1-E Part Ten: Jackshaft & Controller arrive

Hi Again,

The Jackshaft assembly finally arrived today.
I received the controller a day or two ago.
The chain sprocket has a freewheel for coasting.



Below is the Navitas 100 Amp Controller


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MB-1-E Part Seven: Securing the batteries connecting them up.

Hey everybody,

The past few days I've been pretty busy, so didn't have a lot of time to get a much work done on the Mountain Bike.

After working with the acrylic enclosure for a full afternoon, I abandoned the idea. I got all the pieces cut and started gluing it up and then simply changed my mind.

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MB-1-E Part Six: Original battery placement


Update: After a few emails and a couple of phone calls, I've been assured that everything is/ will be on it's way here. Glad that's all straight now, my blood pressure is back to normal.

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MB-1-E Part One: Electric Conversion - 1985 Bridgestone Mountain Bike



1985 Bridgestone MB-1 BEFORE Conversion:

(Note: I will be adding some diagrams and photos as the project progresses and I have time to add them)


Not fully refined but a working proto-type

How It All Began

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