Yet another throttle question

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Yet another throttle question

Does anyone know what type throttle the ego uses? the online manual says "HE" -- is this hall effect? how do I tell?
I ask because I just acquired an alltrax "AXE" to replace the stock, fire-damaged controller because of the programming features and to facilitate future mods.
if the throttle is hall effect, can I use it? I don't see that type listed in the manual. if I can't, what type should I use?

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Re: Yet another throttle question

Yes, the Ego throttle is a hall effect.
An Alltrax controller usually uses a 5k resistor throttle like a Magura.
I'm not sure if the Alltrax can accomodate a hall throttle. There might be a way to dial it in with the software. Otherwise you'd have to get something like a Magura.

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