Added a DrainBrain to my E-Max.

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Added a DrainBrain to my E-Max.

Well I finally updated my blog with a small E-Max mod. I added a Drain brain to replace the fairly inaccurate E-Max speedometer and a more precise way to monitor my 60v pack.

Here are some pictures;



You can see more detailed info on my blog;

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Re: Added a DrainBrain to my E-Max.

Nice job on the mod Keith!
I have a "Doc Wattson" DC Ammeter & Amp Hour Meter that I still want to install on my ebike.
Mine has a 100A max so I'm not sure if I can use it or not. My controller is 200A and my motor draws a continuous 30A but more at starts and on hills.

Thanks for posting the mod.
Great Blog BTW!

Hey, I just noticed that you're from Portland. I live up the gorge in Carson, WA ... Hi neighbor!

Dave B

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