24v 12ah down to 24v 7.2ah

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24v 12ah down to 24v 7.2ah

I currently have a chinese generic electric scooter. The batteries are headed downhill fast and I have also lost the charger.
So two questions - what effect will downgrading the batteries from 12ah to 7.2 ah have on the scooter and the ride?
Where can I purchase a decent charger, doesn't have to be expensive or fancy? The scooter is mainly for the kids so I'm not sure how long that will last.

Thanks (very little to no electrical knowledge)


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Re: 24v 12ah down to 24v 7.2ah

Dropping the battery rating from 12AH to 7.2 AH will do 2 things. First of course it will lighten the scooter and second it will shorten the run-time. Neither of these are a bad think if you can live with the shorter run-time.

A good place to get a charger is - scooterparts4less.

Good Luck

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Re: 24v 12ah down to 24v 7.2ah

More places to get a charger:

You will get approximately 60% of the existing range and run time with 7.2ah batteries.
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Re: 24v 12ah down to 24v 7.2ah

On the other hand, you're reducing the capacity by 40% If the motor was 150W, drawing 6.25A, it was pulling .5C from the pack. (1C is enough current to empty the battery's capacity in one hour.) With the new pack, you'll still be pulling 6.25A, but that represents .8C.

A gentleman named Peukert came up with the rule that the faster you draw current from a battery, the LESS capacity the battery has. If the new battery has 60% nominal capacity, it will be able to supply only 50% of the power. The value is a SWAG, but is in the right direction.


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