Switched to linear style presentation of comments

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Switched to linear style presentation of comments

The most long running desire about this site has to do with the way comments are presented. I'm happy to report a fix for this issue. Over the weekend I stumbled across a configuration page I hadn't discovered before and there was a setting to change display of comments between "flat" or "threaded". The site is now configured to display comments in a flat arrangement, with the newest comments added to the end.

It's clear the majority of us want it to be this way.

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Re: Switched to linear style presentation of comments

A personal note to this ... This site uses the Drupal software, a very popular package for blogging or community oriented web sites. The forums on the Drupal site run in threaded mode and see hundreds of postings a day, many postings draw a dozen or more comments, and the people there are happy with threaded style comments.

This tells me it's more a matter of personal preference than whether one style is better than another.

Unfortunately the Drupal software doesn't make it a personal choice, but a system-wide choice by the administrator. I happen to prefer the threaded style as it's more convenient. But the will of this group is more important than my preference.

Why did I miss this config option? I've been asking myself that the last couple days. While I have 2 years experience with this software, and while I thought I knew it inside and out, it's a practical matter that the other sites on which I run Drupal do not see the same quantity of comments as this one. On this site the main purpose of the site is the comments, while on my other sites that's a secondary purpose. That meant details about presentation of comments was not important until I launched this site.

- David Herron, http://davidherron.com/

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Re: Switched to linear style presentation of comments

Thanks for the switch. Is there a way to post a poll to find out which way the community really wants?

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Re: Switched to linear style presentation of comments

There's advantages and disadvantages to both styles.
I personally like the flat format, mostly because I'm more familiar with it.
I do like knowing the most recent post will always be at the end, especially when the threads get long.

I'm glad you figured out how to do it.

I strongly encourage a poll to see what people favor.

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Re: Switched to linear style presentation of comments

Actually we have been working on just such a Poll for the last few weeks, we want to include some examples in it so Community Members can compare.
If there are any additional suggestions you would like to see in the Poll, please send them to feedback [at] visforvoltage.org and we will look into adding them.
I assure you we are listening to both our Community Members and Guest, and trying to address all concerns.
We are committed to doing everything possible to make your visit to visforvoltage.org as enjoyable as possible and appreciate any and all feedback.

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Best Regards,
George J. Jones, Jr.
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Re: Switched to linear style presentation of comments

I like the flat/linear arrangement that you changed it to. I find it difficult to follow the thread when newest comment precedes the previous (sort of like hearing the punchline before the joke is introduced). Plus, I can always skip to the end if I heard the joke before:-)

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