Lectra Conversion Diary

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Gauges installed on Lectra

Today I installed some of the gauges on the Lectra. I don't quite like how these came out so I'll probably be redoing it later. I have a spedometer, a volt meter, and an ammeter. The last two are analog gauges which came with the bike.

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Letting the Lectra out of the Garage

My Lectra has been on the motorcycle stand for so long I'd forgotten what it looks like on the ground. It's a squat little motorcycle.

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Re-Lectra Success, and so fracking close it's not funny

I made a major milestone this evening and wanted to share with y'all the status.

I'm working to rejeuvenate a Lectra motorcycle. Look back in my blog postings for previous status updates. This motorcycle is gonna be way cool when phase 2 is finished. At the moment though I'm still working on getting phase 1 finished, namely to have the motorcycle functioning and running on the road.

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Bleah, not enough amps

Dang. The Lectra is still so close I can taste it.. but... The two major pieces left before it could be taken on the street is a) wiring the manual on-off switch I mentioned before, and b) getting the lights to work. I got the switch and am pondering choices on mounting it on the bike. But today I wanted to get into the lighting system.


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