Letting the Lectra out of the Garage

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My Lectra has been on the motorcycle stand for so long I'd forgotten what it looks like on the ground. It's a squat little motorcycle.

Okay, the last set of things to do had one small set of things which would be the minimal to get it running. So here's what I did last night and this morning... clean up and tie down the wiring, making sure it's all well-routed. Well, most of it.. there's one clump which I just kinda velcro'd into a ball to take care of later. :) I redid some of the main power cables including the long one to the controller which used to have a solenoid in the middle. Reattached the rear lights, the seat, took it down off the motorcycle stand, and rolled it out into the driveway.

So.. Wow is this thing neat. More silent than I thought it'd be.. I'm accustomed to the pure silence of the EVT (no chain) but even with a chain this is pretty darn quiet. Accelerates great. The rear brake is a little weak and I hope that's a simple adjustment. It handles extremely well, much better than my Honda Rebel.

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I took it over to a friends house 'cause we were going to see the Ballet together, and I wanted to show him the bike. He's impressed especially how silent it is.

Interesting thing - when I went to take off leaving his house, I went maybe 10 feet and had no power. Weird. The chain had slipped off.. it didn't break, just was off. It was simple enough to slip the chain back on. But I'm gonna have to look for an adjustment for the rear wheel too.

And.. I had an interesting thought / realization. With these batteries it would be simple to change the configuration for a 120 volt pack. But.. the controller is a 72v meaning this'd require a different controller, and the motor is rated for 72v. In any case what it tells me if you wanted to use a higher power controller and motor it's not that hard to get to a 120v motorcycle.

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