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Photographs from the dismantling of the ICE Piaggio Boxer

I finally got around to downloading the photos of the first half of my scooter's EV conversion from my digital camera. Here we go:

This is the Piaggio Boxer mo-ped that I'm converting:

This is the donor Razor for the motor, batteries, and controller:

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Piaggio Boxer Mo-Ped EV runs!

I managed to shim the v-belt pulley and jerry-rig a motor mount, so I mounted up the little motor onto my Piaggio Boxer scooter, put the v-belt on, strapped the batteries on with duct tape, and shorted the throttle wires, and it ran!

The speed was horrendous, maybe 6 mph on a slight downhill and 3-4 mph on a level surface. But that's fine for the purpose of my test run.

Here are the current specs:

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Modifying my Piaggio Boxer mo-ped Part 2

(Originally posted: July 6, 2008)

Well, I went to Tractor Supply Center (TSC) today and all they had were imperial sized pulleys (1/2" and 3/4" bores). The motor that I have must be a metric size one because the 1/2" hub pulleys were too large. I bought some 1/2" hub pulleys anyway since I wanted to see if it would work as a proof of concept (and just around how much more power I'll need).

Now I just have to make a mount for the motor. I think I'll just use a piece of 2x6 wood that I have laying around and make a simple mount.

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Modifying my Piaggio Boxer mo-ped Part 1

(Dated: July 6, 2008)

My partner had bought an old Piaggio Boxer mo-ped a couple of years ago but sitting in our garage had rusted out the engine. I decided to make it an EV conversion.

So far, I've removed the old ICE cleanly. It looks like the ICE was connected to the rear wheel through a belt-driven CVT / clutch.

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