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My blog is moving to my own website

I'm posting new entries on my continuing Boxer-EV saga on my own personal website blog:

Why? It's easier to post new entries using my desktop blog client (MarsEdit) and the VisForVoltage website is occasionally verrrrryyyy slow which is frustrating.

So please visit my site ( for further updates!

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Bill of Materials for EV moped conversion

Base Unit

Piaggio Boxer (1971)
- 50 cc 2-stroke internal combustion engine (removed)

Electric Motor

HXT 80-100-B 130Kv Brushless Outrunner from United Hobbies (link)

Electronic Speed Controller

Castle Creations Phoenix HV-110 (link)


Magura 0-5K Potentiometer throttle

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Piaggio Boxer-EV conversion (almost) finished

My replacement servo-tester finally came in yesterday (a saga in itself). I immediately tore it apart and replaced the potentiometer in it with a cable so that it could plug into my Magura throttle. The design of this replacement looks very simple. All discrete components: a 555 timer IC, rectifier, and some caps. I think I'll try to reverse engineer it so that I can just build it myself next time.

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Very very very short test run video

Let's see if inserting this Youtube code will work.... my friend Dave from the NEEAA giving my little Boxer a spin.

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Low-voltage DC-DC converter 16-75 VDC in; 12VDC @ 3A out

Here are some pics of the low-voltage converter that I created using the National Semiconductor LM2576HVT-12-ND buck-converter. The chip pretty much did everything for me -- all I had to do was to add two power-smoothing caps, a blocking diode, and a RF choke (which I mistaking undersized; promptly blew up and which I jerry rigged a loop of wire).

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Sunday Boxer

On Sunday, I finished making the bearing mount on the right side of the motor spindle. This will help take a lot of strain off the bearings on the motor and prevent it twisting out from the torque. Also, I shimmed the front pulley with the thin metal from an aluminium can -- it was just perfect to close the gap between 12.5 mm and 12.0 mm. As a result, the motor is working much quieter now -- I just love the sound it makes when it accelerates -- gotta post a video.

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Phoenix ESC Test Run 2

I put the Phoenix HV-110 ESC in the same aluminium project box that houses my low-voltage electronics. I mounted a temperature controlled CPU fan on it and ran the fan off the 12V line on the low-voltage converter.

The fan was in a "blow" configuration but I think I will change it to a "suck" config as I think that is more efficient for this type of fan.

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Phoenix ESC arrived and Boxer is happily boxing!

My replacement ESC from Castle Creations (the Phoenix HV-110A) finally arrived today, along with a Castle Creations USB programmer for it. The Phoenix HV-110A is considerably beefier than the ELF controller that I burned out. I reprogrammed the Phoenix using the very nice USB programmer (notably: BRAKING off) and installed it onto my Piaggio.

If you have the right QuickTime codec installed, you can watch a very boring video of my biking revving up to speed.

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Darn! I broke my Doc Wattson!

This is definitely not my karmic week. After burning out my ESC Friday, I was playing around with my e200 today and dropped my bike chain on my Doc Wattson. It fell on the LCD in a bad way and it cracked the LCD. Sigh...

Fortunately my credit card company has purchase protection, so I filed a claim with them. But it still means I gotta go order a new one.

And next time it comes, I'm putting a lexan cover over the LCD.


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Flea market find: a Razor e300 for $25

Today I visited my local flea market and picked up a real find. A used Razor e300 (or maybe e200, not sure) electric scooter with charger for the unbelievable price of $25.


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