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Professional Electric scooters Manufacturer,Exporter www.escooterschina.com

Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.(Professional E-scooters Manufacturer,Exporter )is the top electirc Vehicle factory in China supply Electric scooters,Electric bikes,Electric motorcycles with EEC DOT approved owns full intellectual property to product lines.
An excel R&D team with a perfect after-sales system,we not merely supply electric scooter,electric bike,electric motorcycle but aslo focus our providing superb service includes research & development,production-manufactruing,technical consultation,maintence,ect.

i am very glad to know you.
PLS check our website to see more detail.
Model power Battery type Speed Range 20"FT 40"HQ

HR-020 1500W48V 60v25ah Silicon 45km/h 60km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 1500W60V 60v25ah Silicon 45km/h 75km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 1500W60V 60v20ah Lithium 45km/h 80km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 2000W60V 60v25ah Silicon 58km/h 55km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 3000W60V 60v25ah Silicon 65km/h 50km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 3000W60V 60v40ah Lithium 70km/h 100km 24PCS 48PCS

the HR-010 HR-020-1 HR-020-2 HR030 have the same price ,the above-mentioned price is for container.
if you order less then 5pcs we will charge you sample fee. Once you order container from us we will return to you.
If you can promote our escooters in your Country.that'll be appreciated.
(if you from Europe HR-010 HR-020-1 HR-020-2 HR030 HR038 (45km/h-60km/h)with EEC &COC approval all Ebike with CE approval you can import.)
pls add our online Skype: escooterschina to make us better communication.

Contact Us
Sales and Service Headquarter:
Skype: okgenehjp (24 Hours)
Tel: 0086 158 6835 5819 (24 Hours)
Fax: 0086 573 8368 8889
Order & General Questions: escooter2010@hotmail.com
Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Xiuzhou Industrial Zone ,Jiaxing ,Zhejiang Province, China 314001
Branch office:
Taizhou ,Zhejiang Province, China 314002
Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Province, China 314007
Shaoxing ,Zhejiang Province, China 314005

Selling XM-3500li

I never did try to find a buyer for my scooter, but I just got a nibble from a neighbor. We're going to take it to a shop on Friday to see if the charging problem can be resolved. I'm actually ready to sell as-is for a couple hundred bucks. We'll see how I feel after getting it fixed up. I really haven't wanted to use it more than a half dozen times in the past year or so. Western Mass (Northampton area)

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EEC DOT ECE Electric scooter,Elektro Roller , elektrisches Motorrad electric vehicle from china factory

Manufacture Electric scooter,ELECTRIC BIKE ,Elektro Roller ,Elektroroller , ,elektrisches Motorrad ,Elektrofahrzeug,electric vehicle,moped, elektrische scooter from Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Motor and controller can be customize :200W 24V 36V 48v/60v/72v,300w48v/60v/72v,500w48v/60v72v,800w48v/60v72v,1000w48v/60v72v,1200w48v/60v72v, 1500w48v/60v72v,2000w48v/60v72v,3000w48v/60v72v,5000w48v/60v72vBLDC (Brushless DC)HUB motor.These motors can fix any kinds of models with the same good performance.

Welcome to be our Dealers ,Agents ,Distributors ALL THE WORLD :
EU have 27 countries .And Electric scooters have sent to almost all of the countries.
EU (European Union):
Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark
Germany Estonia Greece Spain
France Ireland Italy Cyprus
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary
Malta Netherlands (Holand) Austria Poland
Portugal Romania Slovenia Slovakia
Findland Sweden United kingdom (England)

Others Europe country : Turkey Russia
Americas : United States (USA) Canada Mexico Brazil Argentina

Asian : China Korea Japan Thailand Singapore
Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Africa: Egypt South Africa
Oceania: Australia New Zealand

VCA(EU)-EEC & COC Approval NHTSA(USA)-DOT & EPA Approval we have.


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Bruless DC Hub motor and controllers for E-bike, E-motorcycle, E-tricycle, E-scooter and E-four wheel vehicle

We have professional production line of brushless DC Hub motor and controllers for E-bike, E-motorcycle, E-tricycle, E-scooter and E-four wheel vehicle. With our own R&D group, we can meet customers' personal requirement. Our products used the best quality of American components and Military Chip to ensure the quarlity. We have the confidence to offer you the best products and competitive price and good post-service.

Motor and controller can be customize :200W48v/60v/72v,300w48v/60v/72v,500w48v/60v72v,800w48v/60v72v,1000w48v/60v72v,1200w48v/60v72v, 1500w48v/60v72v,2000w48v/60v72v,3000w48v/60v72v,5000w48v/60v72vBLDC (Brushless DC)HUB motor.These motors can fix any kinds of models with the same good performance.
TAG :Hub Bruless DC motor en controllers,Bruless DC-Motor und Controller Hub,Bruless DC Hub de motor y de los controladores,Bruless DC Hub à moteur et de contrôleurs
welcome to our web to learn more.http://www.electricscooterschina.com/
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Brushless DC HUB MOTOR production line_0.jpgcontroller_0.jpg
escooter Controller_0.jpgHUB MOTOR production line_0.jpgHUB motor_0.jpgmotor production line_0.jpg2000W Hub Motor for E-Scooter.jpg

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Flea market find: a Razor e300 for $25

Today I visited my local flea market and picked up a real find. A used Razor e300 (or maybe e200, not sure) electric scooter with charger for the unbelievable price of $25.

The hitch was that the scooter didn't work when I tested it out. The seller originally wanted $30 but I bargained down to $25 because of its condition. The LED power lights came on, but it didn't move. The battery read full but no motor motion. I decided that for $25, I could part it out and still get my money back and so I bought it.

I came back home and the batteries were indeed dead. A little massaging from my higher-end Soneil 2408 charger and the batteries came back to life. They don't seem as though they have their full capacity, I'm doing an amp-hour test on them with my Watts-Up tonight.

I put in the SLA batteries from my Pocket Rocket and took it for a zip around the neighborhood. Lots of fun -- until a car pulls out in front of you. Still, you can only go 10-15 mph so there's limited trouble that you can get into. And even with the newer SLAs from the Pocket Rocket, my range was only around 3 miles.

I'm going to see what I can do to hop it up, perhaps use some NiMH batteries instead of SLAs.


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