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Selling my VX-1 NiMh bike in San Diego

Not sure what year it is and I need to get the VIN but I'm posting this now to see if there is any interest on this Forum. Vectrix gave me this bike to use while the factory fixed my Li bike. My Vectrix contact said they put in a used NiMh pack although the rear fenders say VX-1 Li+. It runs and charges but only gets a couple of bars above half-way. Odometer shows about 1020 miles. It is it perfect shape and would probably make an ideal Li conversion candidate.

Selling XM-3500li

I never did try to find a buyer for my scooter, but I just got a nibble from a neighbor. We're going to take it to a shop on Friday to see if the charging problem can be resolved. I'm actually ready to sell as-is for a couple hundred bucks. We'll see how I feel after getting it fixed up. I really haven't wanted to use it more than a half dozen times in the past year or so. Western Mass (Northampton area)

Ready to sell XM-3500li

Well, it's been too much heartache and headache without enough gain for me. Can't get the thing to charge up any more. Charger turns off after 5 minutes. I never got enough use out of it to begin with, so I can't say the batteries have reached the end of their lifespan. Even if I paid to figure things out, I'd probably always be worried it was going to run low again quickly. Plus, I have had little use for it for some time now, so I haven't missed it. I just don't think it's worth the insurance, reg and taxes. I can buy a monthly bus pass and get further for less money.

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