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Scooter sold!

Done deal. Hope it ends up being more useful and fun to the new owner.

Ready to sell XM-3500li

Well, it's been too much heartache and headache without enough gain for me. Can't get the thing to charge up any more. Charger turns off after 5 minutes. I never got enough use out of it to begin with, so I can't say the batteries have reached the end of their lifespan. Even if I paid to figure things out, I'd probably always be worried it was going to run low again quickly. Plus, I have had little use for it for some time now, so I haven't missed it. I just don't think it's worth the insurance, reg and taxes. I can buy a monthly bus pass and get further for less money. A number of hobbyists on this forum have seemed quite happy with their XMs. Maybe I'll be able to find a hobbyist in Western Mass who would like my bike as a new toy. :)

New 3500Li Good First Impression

My 3500Li arrived mid December 2009. I am a lucky one, drove it right out of the crate. I had been watching these blogs for awhile and also saw youtube video of a fella uncrating his last year. Saved me a lot of problems. The packaging includes a bubble wrap tied around the handles (and brake levers.) The fella in the video had problems getting the wheels off the crate... I think he had his brakes tied down. Anyway, mine rolled right off. I opened the seat and READ THE MANUAL first. It isn't good, but I did discover that I needed to flip the switch under the seat before everything would work. It had a full charge and took right off. I weigh 260 lbs, but the torque in the "O" position scooted me right up a steep hill. Some folks may have had problems because they charged a fully charged machine or didn't follow the checklist for start-up? My motor number in the rear wheel hub shows a September of '08 manufacture date and so far I am very pleased. In the interest of full disclosure, I had to replace the mirrors with some with longer arms, I could only see my own shoulders with the stock mirrors. Also, one of the screws that hold a plastic decorative cover stripped out and I had to replace it too.

I highly recommend you search several vendors on line because there are some great sale prices out there $2,349 at "Electric Vehicle Mall." Got mine for less at "Alpha Products International," but I think they are out of stock.

The only hiccup getting it registered here in Santa Cruz County, Ca. was that I had to have a Highway Patrol "Vin Officer" fill out a verification form before Dept. of Motor Vehicles issued my tags and waived the "Emissions Certificate."

Hope my luck holds, I LOVE this scooter. Best to you all.

Battery replacement woes

My post to customer "support" ticket:

I can hardly believe it. I sent you two batteries. You sent me two pieces of a battery. WHERE'S THE REST?!

It's really too bad there aren't laws to protect us eager consumers, who would otherwise be your strongest advocates, from companies like you of such poor quality.

Do you, personally--the individual reading this--understand the mental stress having your primary vehicle held up in the shop for months on end after months of little problems getting worse and making the vehicle unsafe and unreliable? And then to have the manufacturer/dealer hide behind a laughable "warranty" is absolutely insulting.



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