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Professional Electric scooters Manufacturer,Exporter www.escooterschina.com

Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.(Professional E-scooters Manufacturer,Exporter )is the top electirc Vehicle factory in China supply Electric scooters,Electric bikes,Electric motorcycles with EEC DOT approved owns full intellectual property to product lines.
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Model power Battery type Speed Range 20"FT 40"HQ

HR-020 1500W48V 60v25ah Silicon 45km/h 60km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 1500W60V 60v25ah Silicon 45km/h 75km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 1500W60V 60v20ah Lithium 45km/h 80km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 2000W60V 60v25ah Silicon 58km/h 55km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 3000W60V 60v25ah Silicon 65km/h 50km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 3000W60V 60v40ah Lithium 70km/h 100km 24PCS 48PCS

the HR-010 HR-020-1 HR-020-2 HR030 have the same price ,the above-mentioned price is for container.
if you order less then 5pcs we will charge you sample fee. Once you order container from us we will return to you.
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(if you from Europe HR-010 HR-020-1 HR-020-2 HR030 HR038 (45km/h-60km/h)with EEC &COC approval all Ebike with CE approval you can import.)
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Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
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The Electric Motor Bike / Lectra Motorcycle history

In the mid-late 1990's Electric Motorbike built approximately 100 motorcycles they called the Lectra. The design used a 24 volt battery system and a special controller system they called 'Variable Reluctance' that allowed them to get normal speeds (45+ miles/hr) even at such low voltages.

Later ZAP bought the company and marketed the Lectra. At one point ZAP announced the VR36, which would have been a 36 volt version of the Lectra. However this product never came to market and eventually they stopped marketing the Lectra.

http://www.electricmotorbike.org/ - is the official historical repository for the Lectra motorcycle.

Matt Peterson's Lectra Page is an owner report from someone who bought a Lectra from EMB. He has a photo gallery on the site.

The most surprising thing is that they located the speedometer on the hump that's normally the gas tank - so, I don't understand how the speedometer cable could possibly be routed to that location, but there it is.

First Impression: EMB Lectra Electric Motorcycle is a Lectra Motorcycle review from 1998.

ZAP Acquires Electric Motorcycle Company records when ZAP bought EMB in Oct 10, 2000. The price was 140,000 shares of ZAP stock and $100,000 cash. As a ZAP shareholder at the time ZAP cost around $5 per share, so that puts the total price at $800,000. "First developed by EMB in 1996, the LECTRA is believed to be one of the world's only production-ready electric motorcycles....EMB is the fourth electric vehicle company acquired by ZAP in the past 12 months. In December, ZAP acquired emPower Corp., a Massachusetts scooter company founded by MIT graduates. In February, ZAP acquired Electric Vehicle Systems, developer of a new form of power skating called the PowerSki. In June, ZAP acquired Aquatic Propulsion Technologies, a maker of electric sea scooters."

"Zap It to Me!".(electric motorcycle)(Brief Article) discusses a plan for ZAP to use Evercel's Ni-ZN batteries for a "high end" version of the Lectra. This may have been the VR36 which I saw at a ZAP shareholder meeting I attended, but they did not mention Evercel's batteries. Evercel has since gone out of business but they had developed a Nickel-Zinc (Ni-ZN) battery chemistry with energy density that's similar to NiMH. At the time Evercel was a darling of the possibilities of better EV's just around the corner but they fell on hard times and the battery didn't work very well.

Electric Motorcycle ZAPs Two World Records is a press release saying that ZAP attended a NEDRA race and set a world record.

http://derek.jones.name/lectra/diary/ - is another owner diary that extends over 3+ years of ownership.

LECTRA V24 Motorcycle - EBM Inc. is a product writeup.

Zig's Amazing Photos of the Alameda Electric Auto Expo is a gallery of pictures from a 1997 EV Expo held at the former Alameda Air Station. At the time California had an incubator operation running at the former Alameda Air Station with a couple EV companies starting up. The picture gallery is interesting as it includes EV1's, the Tropica, and a picture of the Lectra.

Lectra Motorbike: Owner's Perspective - http://www.evworld.com/archives/testdrives/lectra.html


Electric motorcycles and scooters @ Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_motorcycles_and_scooters

History of electric motorcycles and scooters @ Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_electric_motorcycles_and_scooters

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Some electric "bicycles" make you scratch your head and say "that's a motorcycle"

I recently had the privilege to test and review a pair of bicycles including one that just makes me question "what's an electric bicycle." See - Head-head the A2B Metro and EMS Elite bicycles

EMS's Elite has a 1000 watt electric motor, top speed a bit over 30 miles/hr, on a road bike style frame. It's very fast and so easy to get up to speed ranges where the laws say it is supposed to be registered and the rider have a motorcycle license. But the manufacturer is selling it as a bicycle.

The laws about electric bicycles are murky to say the least. Some places ban electric bicycles outright for unknown mysterious reasons. Other places restrict the power to 250 watts. I think that some places must be unregulated, and anything goes. In the U.S. the general rule is 750 watts or less and 20 miles/hr or less, but every state and some cities have their own rules and it's a mixmaster of different regulations. At 1000 watts and a 30 miles/hr top speed the Elite is way beyond the majority of the legal definitions regulating electric bicycles.

Many times I've seen electric bicycle riders chafe at these rules. Limited to 20 miles/hr? Unpowered bicyclists can often go faster than that! Uh, yeah, the lycra clad types on racing bikes probably are. In my neighborhood the majority of unpowered bicyclists are riding in the 10-15 miles/hr range and sometimes slower than that.

I'm wondering about safety, about compatibility with other vehicles, and opening the eyes of the people around us to see value in electric bicycles. And I see a possible role for crossover vehicles that are recognized as being a grade above "bicycles", a grade below "motorcycles", and combine pedaling and a motor.

Safety: Would it be safe to take a cheap bicycle and put a 72 volt crystalyte system on it? Some people are doing this and I'm sure it's quite fun. But is it safe? Really? One of the legitimate roles for government is testing and validating product safety. What should government do in this case?

Compatibility: There's a continuum of transportation ranging from the pedestrians, to bicyclists, to scooters, to motorcycles, to cars, to mass transit, etc. Each tends to have their own place on the road. Bicyclists in many places have bicycle lanes giving a place where bicyclists can go bicycle speed. Bicyclists are generally not compatible with the traffic on the road, because they generally go much slower. In the bicycle lane the prevailing speed is bicycle speed while over there where the cars go the prevailing speed is faster. An electric bicycle needs to fit into one or the other, but a fast electric bicycle is going to be faster than the prevailing bicycle speed. That either will frustrate the electric bicyclist (I can go faster than the unpowered bicyclists let me go) or else be a danger as they continually pull out into car traffic to pass other bicyclists.

It is unusual for electric bicycle regulations to be based on motor power. Most vehicle definitions don't have motor power ... e.g. you can get a car with any power you want, one that can go insanely fast, much faster than the speed limit, and there's nothing to stop you so long as the car meets safety regulations. Why do electric bicycles have a limit?

Some guesswork ... I hear that one of the reasons behind banning electric bicycles is that by adding a motor the ebike falls into "motor vehicle" regulatory snafu's. If a given motor vehicle code doesn't have definitions allowing electric bicycles the authorities might say "well, it's not allowed". Also by limiting the power levels below which an electric bicycle can go unregulated it carves out an exception to the general rule that motor vehicles have to be regulated.

A hundred or so years ago when they were first developing motorcycles - they were essentially bicycles with a small gas motor. Some of the motorcycles back then even had usable pedals. Nowadays motorcycles are quite a lot hugely different (to say the least).

Riding the EMS Elite bicycle just had me thinking about this history and the gap between bicycles and motorcycles. I'm wondering whether "bicycle" is the best label for a this kind of vehicle. There is this "moped" label that for example in California's vehicle code the EMS Elite fits perfectly. A Moped in California's law has a speed up to 30 miles/hr and a motor less than 2 HP which would be 1500 watts. Mopeds have lesser regulation than motorcycles but have to meet higher regulation than bicycles. For example lighting and turn signals and rear view mirrors and horns must be up to snuff. I think they're expecting mopeds to be out in traffic rather than in the bicycle lane.

But there aren't many examples of "mopeds" being sold, today.

Some of the companies are selling scooter-bikes, which look like scooters but have a less-than-750-watts motor and speed limited to 20 miles/hr. On this forum Xtreme's XB5xx, XB6xx, XB7xx and other scooterbikes have been popular. But on those the pedals seem useless and I think many people just take the pedals off. There are also scooters with speeds up to 30 miles/hr like my EVT 4000 and those get classified as mopeds despite not having pedals.

I do think it would be quite fun having a "bike" that can combine pedaling and an electric motor and go higher speeds than the 20 miles/hr electric bicycles are limited to. It should be properly designed for the higher speed, it should have lights and horns and turn signals and such so it can be compatible with the car dominated traffic. It should be designed so that the pedals are actually useful, unlike the scooterbikes. And probably it should be regulated and licensed.

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Bruless DC Hub motor and controllers for E-bike, E-motorcycle, E-tricycle, E-scooter and E-four wheel vehicle

We have professional production line of brushless DC Hub motor and controllers for E-bike, E-motorcycle, E-tricycle, E-scooter and E-four wheel vehicle. With our own R&D group, we can meet customers' personal requirement. Our products used the best quality of American components and Military Chip to ensure the quarlity. We have the confidence to offer you the best products and competitive price and good post-service.

Motor and controller can be customize :200W48v/60v/72v,300w48v/60v/72v,500w48v/60v72v,800w48v/60v72v,1000w48v/60v72v,1200w48v/60v72v, 1500w48v/60v72v,2000w48v/60v72v,3000w48v/60v72v,5000w48v/60v72vBLDC (Brushless DC)HUB motor.These motors can fix any kinds of models with the same good performance.
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