EEC DOT ECE Electric scooter,Elektro Roller , elektrisches Motorrad electric vehicle from china factory

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Manufacture Electric scooter,ELECTRIC BIKE ,Elektro Roller ,Elektroroller , ,elektrisches Motorrad ,Elektrofahrzeug,electric vehicle,moped, elektrische scooter from Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Motor and controller can be customize :200W 24V 36V 48v/60v/72v,300w48v/60v/72v,500w48v/60v72v,800w48v/60v72v,1000w48v/60v72v,1200w48v/60v72v, 1500w48v/60v72v,2000w48v/60v72v,3000w48v/60v72v,5000w48v/60v72vBLDC (Brushless DC)HUB motor.These motors can fix any kinds of models with the same good performance.

Welcome to be our Dealers ,Agents ,Distributors ALL THE WORLD :
EU have 27 countries .And Electric scooters have sent to almost all of the countries.
EU (European Union):
Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark
Germany Estonia Greece Spain
France Ireland Italy Cyprus
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary
Malta Netherlands (Holand) Austria Poland
Portugal Romania Slovenia Slovakia
Findland Sweden United kingdom (England)

Others Europe country : Turkey Russia
Americas : United States (USA) Canada Mexico Brazil Argentina

Asian : China Korea Japan Thailand Singapore
Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Africa: Egypt South Africa
Oceania: Australia New Zealand

VCA(EU)-EEC & COC Approval NHTSA(USA)-DOT & EPA Approval we have.
Email:escooter2010 [at]


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Sales and Service Headquarter:
Skype: okgenehjp (24 Hours)
Tel: 0086 158 6835 5819 (24 Hours)
Fax: 0086 573 8368 8889
Order & General Questions: escooter2010 [at]
Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Xiuzhou Industrial Zone ,Jiaxing ,Zhejiang Province, China 314001
Branch office:
Taizhou ,Zhejiang Province, China 314002
Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Province, China 314007
Shaoxing ,Zhejiang Province, China 314005

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