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Dream Machine

BionX NiMh 24 V, 8 Ah 9 pounds, (regen breaking)
Bionx, 1.8a?? 3 hours.
BionX, (dosen't state much, A?) back light, alarm, w /4diget code, spedometer , odometer, (regen breaking)
Conversion time and cost: 
Quetzal 105 2000 aluminum used 750$ last floor test model, not selling for 1,395 sale 700$, building wheel custom spokes+rim 80$ chains 3 x 18$(MEC) 1590$ CANadian, (time joke)
Curb weight: 
45 pounds
Brushless Hub motor, 36 spoke, 135mm axle
3v lith 14grams
Miles as an EV: 
50km on level 4 and there was 40% juice left
BionX 250, peak 450 w 7.7 pounds
Number of wheels: 
Seating capacity: 
Top speed: 
60km hill 40km/h with tail., flat, 32km/ slight hill head wind, normal., 25 working,
Typical range: 
it looks like im going 80km on setting 4, pedeling better than expected but im not uing a thumb throtle i think that would use alot more bat.
Watt-hours per mile: 
Ottawa Ont Canada
Vehicle maker: 
Vehicle Type: 
System Voltage: 
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