Quetzal QU

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Dream Machine

Watt-hours per mile: 
Typical range: 
it looks like im going 80km on setting 4, pedeling better than expected but im not uing a thumb throtle i think that would use alot more bat.
Top speed: 
60km hill 40km/h with tail., flat, 32km/ slight hill head wind, normal., 25 working,

I was recently kinda stupid and put my foot threw some glass cut my leg bad, lots of fun surgery and recovery time led me to recumbents, something I could ride, and get out again on, then I was getting more medical problems with my foot slowing down recovery time, so I finally found a system, good price around here. now my tendinitis is healing in my foot and my tendon on the back is also healing and small walks seem possible and 20 km rides are practically no sweat realiving the cabin fever like no ones business, and every time I stop people come talk to me about it. most don't even know its electric. its quiet, and makes the smallest of noises when its peaked out, but I kinda like it it lets me know I'm motoring. still quiet. I wanna put some videos online, probably YouTube.

Seating capacity: 
Brushless Hub motor, 36 spoke, 135mm axle
BionX 250, peak 450 w 7.7 pounds
Number of wheels: 
BionX, (dosen't state much, A?) back light, alarm, w /4diget code, spedometer , odometer, (regen breaking)
Bionx, 1.8a?? 3 hours.
BionX NiMh 24 V, 8 Ah 9 pounds, (regen breaking)
Ottawa Ont Canada
Miles as an EV: 
50km on level 4 and there was 40% juice left
3v lith 14grams
Curb weight: 
45 pounds
Conversion time and cost: 
Quetzal 105 2000 aluminum used 750$ last floor test model, not selling for 1,395 sale 700$, building wheel custom spokes+rim 80$ chains 3 x 18$(MEC) 1590$ CANadian, (time joke)


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