Jazz by Trek

48V 1000W Hybrid Style E-Bike. A daily driver.

This bike is a work in progress, and it is my experiment bike. If i have an idea, i do it to this bike first, and if it works, i can use that idea on other builds. It's not a pretty bike, but it gets the job done.

This bike is a daily driver.

Motor: Conhismotor (China) 1000W 48V Front wheel hub motor
Controller: Stock Conhismotor controller
Top Speed: 31 MPH
Battery: Originally SLA 18AH, now lifepo4 20AH.
Donor Bike: Jazz by Trek
DC-DC Converter: Tobsun 10A (48V-12V)
Charger: 5 amp. (6 amp is on the way)
Odometer: 1,200 as of 10/26/2011

V-Power Lifepo4 48V pack. 20AH
V-Power 5A. And a V-Power 6A.
Conhismotor controller. 35A 48V
Curb weight: 
90 LBS
BLDC Hub Motor, front wheel
Pedal more and use less throttle
LED for now. HID coming in future.
Method for 12v system: 
DC-DC converter. Tobsun 10A.
Miles as an EV: 
Conhismotor 1000W 48V
Number of wheels: 
Seating capacity: 
Top speed: 
31 MPH
Typical range: 
SLA 18AH: 12 miles. Lifepo4 20AH: 24 miles
Wheaton, IL. USA
Vehicle maker: 
Vehicle Type: 
System Voltage: 
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