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Luyuan Condor/Carrier

Watt-hours per mile: 
Typical range: 
40-45 Km on a full battery
Top speed: 
25 km / 18 mls

brushless 250 Watt
Number of wheels: 
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Luyuan Condor Electric (E-Bike) Scooter

Watt-hours per mile: 
1KW of electricity used for every 100KM driven
Typical range: 
60KM or 40Miles
Top speed: 
32KMH or 20MPH

I bought this E-Bike to replace my Mountain Bike as my main commuting vehicle as well as a way to cut down on using the local transit. It has so far surpassed my expectations as far as performance goes. I can climb steep hills with the lower gear without killing my battery pack. The batteries are in a plastic case that is held in place by two keylocks. And is removeable so I can charge it at home and at work. Lots of storage spaces. Powerful geared rear hub motor. It also has Electronic Rear Braking which when applied can recover some of the electrical energy lost from braking. I also added a Gorilla Motorcycle Alarm System, seperate 2nd Motion Detection Alarm (for security backup) and a GPS Receiver and a 12V Accessory Power Outlet. The 12V is provided by a seperate 12V 3A SLA Battery I put in the Glove Compartment which I keep charged with a 12V 1watt Solar Panel when the scooter is parked or by a Motor Master 12V 1.5A Smart Float Mode Charger by plugging it into AC power. Also have a Bell wireless bicycle computer so I can keep track of time, speed, distance and temperature as I ride. I also added a FIAMM Freeway Blaster 12V car horn under the headlight fairing to let CAGE drivers know "I am here" when needed. I recently did a shunt mod for more torque, for better from dead stop startup performance. It is about the same size of a Vespa Scooter so you know it's size. It is very comfortable to ride and I feel it is worth every penny I spent on it.








Ken Finch

Seating capacity: 
Luyuan Geared Hub Motor on the rear wheel
Luyuan 450 watt Geared Hub Motor
Number of wheels: 
Luyuan 48V 25A with EABS
Luyuan BMO 48V 3.0A Intelligent Charger
4 pieces Luyuan SLA 12V 20A, seperate 12V 3A SLA for 12V accessories and Alarm System.
North York, Ontario, Canada
Method for 12v system: 
Seperate 12V 3A SLA in the Glove Compartment for the Alarm System and the GPS Receiver and 12V Accessory Power Outlet. I keep in the trunk a 12V Air Compressor as well as tools and a tubeless tire repair kit.
Miles as an EV: 
Hi/Low Headlight, 6X left/right Signal Lights, Hi/Low Tail Light and Control Panel Back Light.
Curb weight: 
187 lbs.
Conversion time and cost: 
Stock, $1545.00 plus taxes.

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