Generating Electricity from home

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Hello again,

my second posting, this time about the above subject.

You may recall I said in my last posting that my husband is a bit of a d-i-y (er).

When looking around for a clutch for my electric mobility scooter (thanks for all the advice by the way), he came across an article that showed how to generate electricity at home using magnets! I'm not convinced that it's possible so I'm asking knowledgeable people like members of the forum for their opinion.

The link is

This also leads you to a 'You Tube' clip.

I'd really be interested in your opinion and before hubby spends time and money on what could be a hare-brained idea !


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Re: Generating Electricity from home

Don't you think that if this system would really work, it would have been implemented all over the world? Most of the time, things that seem too good to be true, are indeed too good to be true. I read something similar using induction coils and permanent magnets and also a charged battery. What is seems to be doing is transfering energy from this charged battery to antoher battery. This is scam. Besides, all the scam-sites seem to have the same layout these days. There must be a huge company behind this helping people to create scam.
Don't lose your time with this.


Two e-scooters 1500W 48V 30 Ah LiFePO4

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