New small folding electric bicycle design - needs support via kickstarter campaign

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Just came across this kickstarter campaign for what looks like an awesome excellent fabulously well thought out folding electric bicycle.

The bicycle folds into a very carryable package and looks like it's light enough for "anyone" to easily carry.  The combination of electric, bicycle, and carryable would make it very suitable for the "last mile".  That is, the distance between the bus or train station, and your real destination (home or office).  The idea would be ride your bicycle to the mass transit station, fold it up, carry it on board with you, sit with it next to your seat, then carry it off-board at the final station, and then unfold and ride it to the destination.

The guy who designed it is running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the initial production run (100 bikes).

They don't give precise specifications - the front hub motor looks like it would be modest power, at most 200 watts.  It has a shaft drive from pedals/cranks to rear wheel.

Source: Folding Electric Bike for Commuters


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Re: New small folding electric bicycle design - needs ...

Hi reikiman:

Thanks for the nice words re: Conscious Commuter's folding e-bike for commuters, designed by Gabriel Wartofsky.

Regarding the motor size, we've been testing both 250W and 350W electric motors, and, at this time, favor the 350W, and probably will be bringing it into production.

We are having the test motors wrapped to focus on hill climbing capabilities rather than high low end torque, so that assisting on hills is the focus.

Thanks again, and thought I'd just clarify what we're doing regarding electric motors.



Bob Vander Woude

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