Help finding a new controller.

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I bought a used, 20 year old mobility scooter that I want to convert in to a powered wheelbarrow. The motor on its own works fine but the old technology controller is gone...I know there is tons of controllers on the market now that are cheap to buy....I just don't know which one I would need to control this dc motor??
The motor is 22v / 15 amps. So I guess it is 330 watts. It is reversible. I am looking for a decent, economical and SIMPLE controller that I can buy on line. I live in Ontario Canada.
One of the sites I looked on was "Monster scooter parts" I don't know where they are but they have a universal 24v/500 watt controller for $33.00. I believe its their "YK48-2"
Would this be all I need? Would it be meant for a permanent magnet motor like the one I have? The controller doesn't say that it has a reversing feature which I need!

Any ideas or other options that you can help me with would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Help finding a new controller.

ohmmm five thin wires (5) PLUS + three (3) thick ones
BRUSHLESS HUB (HALL EFFECT ETC) .Otherwise choose among plenty of them kids' standing scooters like a RAZOR , etc bocca al lupo.

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Re: Help finding a new controller.

Yes....thats what I'm afraid of.. I do not have a brush less / Hall sensor motor.
I was wrong about where the YK48-2 controller is available for sale...It's through TNC Scooters in Jackson TN. and it says its reversible..
But by the description it sounds like it has to be wired either in forward or reverse. Is it possible that this controller is also a "hall sensor controller"?

Am I out of luck to be able to just buy off the shelf a variable speed controller capable of reverse and intended for a brush DC motor??

Or is this YK48-2 from TNC Scooters the one I need?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Help finding a new controller.

hi, power-up:
1. you should determine the motor and battery spec. to choose controller. if your battery is 24V 10AH, so you should buy 24V 10A-12A controller. the overcurrent not large 1.5C of battery volume.
2. motor spec. max 15A mean the max current motor can endure.

so i suggust you to buy 24V 12A 250W controller.

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