schwinn stealth 1000 i love it.

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I have owned about four different electric scooters ranging from a bladez to the schwinn stealth 1000. I just recently purchased a schwinn stealth 1000 still in the box never opened 200 bucks i had to buy it. I started assembling it and ended up cutting the front brake off and installing new batteries.Today was the first day i road it and i must say wow the power is amazing and i like the direct drive system but it has only been one day.Is there anything i can do to keep this baby running like this other than not overcharging and keeping away from water? Thanks and keep scootin

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Re: schwinn stealth 1000 i love it.

I know time has passed since you posted. Are you riding it still?

I bought a used eZip 1000 & used it an estimated 800 miles last winter in & through the snow, in upstate New York. I bought it for that purpose. I did not use it in the non-snow weather & months. When, after months of disuse, I tried to run it, by twisting the throttle, nothing happened. Keep in mind that I charge the battery every month through the year, irrespective of use, & store the scoot in the living room of my bachelor apartment.

Fortunately, after a short time of fiddling, the scoot reared into life. So to answer your question: apart from charging the batteries monthly, twist the throttle & let the motor spin for a few seconds.

After last winter in the snow, I should like to open up the gear box to replace the grease, & any bearings that need replacing after exposure to the salt.

Can anyone please post a step by step procedure to accomplish this?

Thanks much.

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