E-Bike NYS Law 2012

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I live in NY State on Long Island. In Dec 2011, I bought a new EBike [EWheels EW-475 with 36 V LiFePO4 10 AH bat.] and was assured they were legal in NYS.

Now I learn EBikes are legal in every other state, BUT not in NY.

Anyone have any info when, or IF, EBikes will be allowed in NYS? I know about the 20 MPH rule, that it must be a bike with working pedals, and no freeways or sidewalks. I will use my climbing helmet, to avoid being singled out for that - though I think bike helmet rules are for <18 y/o.

Do NYS, or LI in particular, cops just ignore the No EBike on Any NY Road law, or do they seek us out? With no NY plate license, registration not allowed in NYS, it seems like a real risk.

With reasonable speeds expected of a standard 10-speed bike, and silent hub motor, can we just spin the pedals in "assist" mode, and get by on primarily residential neighborhood NYS roads?

Any ideas, or first-hand experience apppreciated.


EWheels EW475 eBike LiFePO4 36 V 10 AH Bat

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Re: E-Bike NYS Law 2012

I had no trouble riding a big, obvious E-bike (LA Free Sport) in the '90's in a small Upstate NY city, but NYC and other areas are probably another story...

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Re: E-Bike NYS Law 2012

In most cases, if the bike LOOKS and SOUNDS like a conventional pedal-powered bike, you are left alone! Try NOT to make it obvious that a motor is involved-rotate the pedals while in motion, especially if being observed by law enforcement, and cover any "Electric Bike" decals! The bikes that closely resemble motor scooters or mopeds are very frequently stopped for law enforcement type "harrassment." APPEARANCES are VERY important, until this issue is resolved!


Robert M. Curry

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