Custom made headway LiFePO4 battery pack

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We also provide custom made battery pack for our customers. We will provide solution according to requirement of our clients. Till now, we have offer custom service to many clients of ebike, scooter and motorcycle. The prices are as attrative as other products in our website. If you have other special need in battery pack, please also contact us.

72V100Ah 72V800Ah1.JPGPlease send a email to or contact our online server directly.

EVA Battery packs are designed for normal user. It make sure users can use it easily and safety.
The battery pack have protection of battery management system(BMS)

Phicical Protection
Good picical protection must be given to the battery pack on the road
The EVA battery packs are designed with protection concern. It provide a strong protection struture to make sure user can use them under a good product condition.
EVA Battery pack will provide protection below:
1,Protection for Fire-all material are fireproof(include high temperature fireproof tubing)
2,Protection for vibration-cushion package design
3,Protection for crash-three protection struture

__________________ all for EVs
If you are finding ev parts, this will be a website deserves your visit.

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