Two Kelly controllers were stolen

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Two KBL09401B brushless motor controllers were stolen, SN: 11160617 and 11160619.
Kelly don't provide any warranty and after-sale service for those two KBL controllers.
Please don't purchase them from any source.

Kelly Controls, LLC
Aug.2, 2012

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Re: Two Kelly controllers were stolen

I sure hope you filed a police report and at least tried to go to your insurance company. I had my XM-3100 ripped and a number of tries on my XM-3000.I now have an electric relay system so if wire is cut again it screams and three yes 3 cables going to frame and each wheel with padlocks and two XENA alarms one on each wheel.Yet one day some one tried to cut a 1/2" cable. I have to keep controllers in a safe because EV prices are so high and next to Lithium cells and some motors like the WARP are rather expensive.On my bicycle that has Lithium pack I have to take suitcase with me into a store. I was gone in a store maybe a few minutes and micro switch was activated by some one trying to jimmy case off the bicycle. List the serial number on your profile page like I did so insurance company can have quick access. My XM-3100 was now covered completely but something is better than nothing. Because I put in $3500.00 worth of Lithium cells in my XM-3000 which might be valued at $3000.00 new is 3 years old with a new pack, it would be rated a big depreciation? That is why 3 massive cables on it.


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Re: Two Kelly controllers were stolen

And I'm hoping that leaving the "beautiful" scratches on my front and side fairings will keep potential thieves uninterested. As of yet, I only use the steering lock and avoid parking in "shady" places, and have an anti-theft-insurance.
And it takes a hell of a lot of work to get at anything more valuable than the motor, as three querters of the bike's fairings need to be disassembled first. My Kelly is pretty safe in the bowles of my bike :-)


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