XL500W E-Wheel electric scooter bike

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Does anyone have any history on the XL500w E-wheels Electric scooter bike...I have one that has some bad wires
going into the hub motor so it stopped working Now when I turn the throttle the rear wheel locks up let go of the throttle and wheel will turn by hand...Is the XL500w e-wheels worth fixing and if so were can I get parts.
I would like to add another battery to make it 60 volts and maybe make it a little faster do I need anything else to do this.. THIS SCOOTER IS NOT USED ON THE CITY STREETS IT IS USED AT THE SHIP YARD SO I HAVE NO SPEED LIMITS I would just like to be able to get around the slow trucks.. NEED HELP HERE THANK YOU

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Re: XL500W E-Wheel electric scooter bike

i have the same scooter but my problem is there is a short somewhere in the wires and i cant figure out where while riding it would glitch out and shut off power on me so i would have to try to restart it a couple times with key but now it will not start at all kept it in the shed when it started to get too cold to ride and brought the battery inside the house where it sat all winter long now that its getting warmer it wont start had to spend about $170 dollars last summer to replace the batteries manufacturer date on the actual scooter saids 2010 ive put hundreds of miles on it

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Re: XL500W E-Wheel electric scooter bike

I had the same issues with it stalling. I replaces the connectors on the throttle and motor Cole coming from the controller. For a number of reasons this happens we can discuss if you would like. I need to replace my battery but have no idea where to get a new one etc, I bought this bike from someone. An you help me since you mentioned u replaced your battery? Lorasmailbox@gmail.com



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