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I've been thinking that I'd like to know approximately where the "50%" discharge is on my xb600 48 volt pack. Then, I can compare that to "miles" and know when I'm below that 50% discharge. I'm supposing I can get a fairly accurate reading by checking the pack voltage at the charge terminal and then checking it subsequently and if I know an approximate pack voltage that would be about 50% discharge I'd then know how many miles I can go before getting to that point...approximately. Does this make sense? Is there a "voltage number" that would indicate approximately a 50% discharge? I know the resting full charge reads 56 volts. Would a 50% discharge be like...49 volts...50, 51??? Is there a way to determine this?



- David Herron,

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Re: Battery pack status

Voltage is indicate of charge status, so yeah, you could guess at approximately where 50% discharge is. I think it's like around 11.3 or so volts per battery.

However, if you really want an accurate reading get a road amp-hour meter, like a Watts-Up or a Cycle Analyst. Since they actually measure how much energy you've actually taken out of the pack, they're much more accurate than any voltage meter.


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