eGO 2 lithium ion batteries, and good RV battery solutions?

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New member here that has sworn to get out of his car for commuting. I just ordered a an eGO 2 SE to cover those days I wont ride my bike. Already, I know I want another battery solution. The two lead-acid 12v, 34ah batteries weigh fifty pounds together and I'm thinking I'll get higher speed, longer life, and ride-per-charge-mileage with a lithium ion solution. Ideas?

Next, I bought a used RV a couple of years ago. The gelled electrolyte battery in it crapped out in less that six months. That battery was not two years old in total. I replaced it with a "wet" lead-acid Marine Deep Cycle. That battery has just crapped out after 18 months. I don't think it ever held a charge sufficiently. One evening of conscientious use of lighting and the battery is drained, and it never re-charges to full capacity. I charge the battery before I store the RV, but it does sit for a month or so between me running lights and charging again. I don't want to buy a battery every 18 months. Perhaps, I am killing the batteries? Ideas or a better solution would be much appreciated.


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