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Hi visited Green Rides this morning.. the inspiration was that my EVT 4000 has sat unused for a couple years, partly because I hadn't been able to reassemble the front brake after replacing the brake pads. They are an EVT dealer and I thought they might be able to help out. Plus, as posted here a couple weeks ago, they have the three wheeled EVT and I wanted to see that because I have an especial interest in three wheelers. To be clear, "EVT" in this case is EVT Taiwan ...

It's a nice place and good friendly people.

The location is a former car shop, so there's a shop floor, car lifts, etc. Good, clean, etc.

What they have in stock are some EVT 4000 and 168 plus a couple of the three wheelers. There's also a Zapino but it's marked as sold. They have some NEV's, the ZENN and some customized golf carts (?) from Kustom Karts.

I'll be writing up observations on the three wheeler separately.

The most interesting is they have kit cars in stock, some are powered with gas engines, but they're most of the way through an EV conversion. On their web site this is marked as "Coming Soon" but the car is a Spyder replica and it looks like a good conversion. Big AC motor, 144 volt battery pack, etc. Should be real zippy.


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