XB 700 Li Mods

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Hi all. I have had my bike for about a month and absolutely love it. That being said, I still have some more mods to do but for now here are some pics of what I have done.

#1 A cup holder for those chilly morning commutes that require a hot cup of coffee to accompany them.

#2 A bicycle computer to keep track of mileage and actual speed. I used Richard B's method of calibration. Many thanks to him.
I drilled a hole in the wheel directly opposite the valve stem to maintain as much balance as possible.

Nice and clean, no super glue required. :-)

The pickup makes the required 1 mil clearance.

And lastly the computer.

#3 I had to have tunes, so I installed an onboard stereo with enough volume to compete with traffic. ;-) I bought mine on Ebay and you can too, here;

I ordered mine with black speakers so as to be less noticeable.

The speakers are mounted.

Holes drilled for wiring and wiring run.

Stereo screwed down and battery placed and hooked up. The battery is a 12v SLA that I bought from Radio Shack for $35. We have TUNES!!! ;-)

So there ya go, a few things to make the bike better. It would be fun if the factories in China that make the bike would collaborate with the ones the make those stereos and put together an option package. Hmmm, Mountain Chen what do you think?
LED lighting is the next mod to come. I will have to make time to take it on though.

Happy and safe scooting to all, Scott.

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Joined: 09/01/2008
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Re: XB 700 Li Mods

Since my last post I found out that the link for the stereo didn't work, so lets try again.


Hope this one works.


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