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So my EVD arrived yesterday. Got the VRLA one. Unpacked it and put it together.

Only problem I have is the front right turn signal light does not work. When I turn it on I get a fast beeping. The rear right signal flashes. The left front and rear work fine and do a normal beeping.

So how do I troubleshoot what is wrong with the front right signal? How do I disassemble?

I'll call Randall on monday to ask him, but thought I'd check here too.

Another minor problem is the storage compartment. When I unlock it often it does not open. When that happens I have to pull hard on the seat to open it.

I rode it in 27 degree temp today it and did just fine.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Re: Turn signal

Good luck with the turn signal. Is the fast beeping just indicating the bulb is loose or burned out? Like, if you swap the left and right bulbs...

A little bit ago I was out in the garage and felt around, a flashlight under the front wheel should reveal how they're attached, so again Good Luck. I'll find out myself when I install/upgrade to LEDs and see how they compare, visibility vs voltage I guess.

My storage compartment always pops up, and quickly if I don't hold it to slow it down. Perhaps if you loosen the four screws that hold it in and shuffle it around to realign it? Or maybe the seat is bent away from the compartment in one direction or another and the latch is resisting.

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Re: Turn signal

Actually the signal works now. I had tried swapping bulbs and discovered there was nothing wrong with the right-bulb. The connectors on these look pretty fragile (where the signal wires are soldered to the hardware). After examining this, I installed the bulb and it worked. Not very confidence inspiring. Next time I hit a bump in the road it may stop working again. But at least I didn't have to take the bike apart to get to the problem.

As for the trunk, it seems the latch that moves back when the key is turned does not move back far enough. With the seat up, if I have the key turned all the way and then gently push the latch back with my finger it goes a little further and holds that position when I remove my finger. I think that is the position it is supposed to be getting to with just the turn of the key. I'm wondering if there is a way to adjust the cable so that it pulls a little more on turn of the key.

I may just end up bending the metal bar from the seat that the latch holds on to when closed. I'm a little concerned with weakening the welds if I do that though. And I'll have to be careful that the bar still fits into the cavity where the latch is.

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Re: Turn signal

I have an XM-3500Li, but the body appears to be the same betweeen these scooters. I had the same problem with the seat as well and it appears to be just a slight misalignment between the latch and the hasp. Afer loosening the latch (the hook on the bike itself) I found there wasn't enough play to really realign it and the hasp (the metal U-bar on the bottom of the seat) doesn't look like it can be realigned without taking off all of the cushioning and such. It might be possible to try to realign the seat itself (where it hinges and is connected to the frame) but I didn't really try that. Instead I grabbed a dremel tool and did a little bit of grinding on the latch and where it catches on the hasp and it works a lot better now. I didn't grind too much so the seat still needs a little tug to pop up, but at least it's not a major ordeal anymore.

As for lights, mine doesn't have any kind of beeping involved with the turn signals (so I always have to remember to check them to be sure I didn't miss cutting them off. ;)) Getting to the lights isn't too hard, but it can be a bit of a pain. There is a large-head phillips screw that holds the front, V-shaped cowling onto the bike that is seen from underneath, right above the front wheel. That one screw will let you take off the front cowling. After that I think there are 4 screws to take off one of the matte black plastic pieces up top that will at least give you a little better access to the front area by the lights than just trying to get in there from underneath. I'd avoid taking off the 4 screws that remove the little windscreen if you can help it, because then you'll have to find the 4 metal clips that will inevitably fall off of the plastic tabs when you pull it up that those screws go into. But if you need to go so far as to take off the side cowlings that house the lights (which I don't reccomend unless you find you really just can't reach your hand in to get to the side lights), you'll need to take it off and pull out the dashboard.

If you are talking about the rear turn signals, though... I haven't tried to get into those yet. I would think they might be easier to get into, though.

If you ever need to replace the batteries, though, you may have to go through that whole mess since it seems to me that to really remove the main plastic pieces that cover the batteries you practically have to take the whole thing apart, which is doable but a real pain with a lot of metal screws and clips to keep track of and such (and the plastic is not the most felxible so be a bit careful about trying to manhandle any of it into or out of place).


Lenny Zimmermann
Metairie, LA

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