Protanium BP-L2410EB (Schwinn electric bike battery) questions

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I have two Protanium BP-L2410EB batteries that appear to be in never used condition. I do not have a charger or the mounting rack. I would like to use each battery to replace a 24v 12a sla pack on an electric assist bicycle.


1) Best source for a charger?

2) Is this a fairly safe chemistry? (Lithium Ion Polymer) The safety tips on the batteryspace site are pretty severe in their warnings of potential dangers-- can I safely charge these in my house/ at work?

3) My plan is to run my sla's through the rest of their charging life (they have been through about 60 cycles and still perform well) and then switch batteries. Should the Protaniums be stored uncharged at room temperature until I am ready to use them? (That is how they were stored for the last year or so-- I won't need the second battery for a few years.)

4) Is it best to charge immediately after every ride (as with an sla) or is it ok to wait until the end of the day and spare a charge cycle by only charging once per day instead of twice? (I will make two 10 mile runs each day about 7 hours apart.)

5) As I figure out a way to carry the battery on the bike-- how critical is airflow to the battery case? (the case is not ventilated) I have a bike bag that is a perfect fit, if I don't need ventilation. Batteryspace sells soft camera bags to house their batteries.




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