New Top Case Scooter Trunk Introduced Today

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Hi Folks, wasn't sure where to place this in that I am a dealer, but we have gotten a number requests for a superior trunk that can be mounted on a wide range of rides. This one looks good Top Case Scooter Trunk

In that it is brand new to the market it's only fair to offer a discount to the folks here who would be early adopters. For the next 30 days use the coupon code visforvoltage when you checkout and I will take 5% off the trunk. Our price includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

Good or bad, please put a product review up here, but based on the following note from the distributor it looks like a good product:

"I looked at all the Chinese cases and found them to all be about the same and was just about to order the best one I could find, when I took a trip to Taiwan, and happened upon the brand Coocase. This brand already has representatives in the USA but we are still able to offer it to the scooter dealer community. I think you will feel good about selling this case to your customers. Although it is made in China it's a Western designed and has the following key features."


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