ecoway folding electric tricycle

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Shanghai Wind Rider Electric Bicycle Industry Co.,ltd released the latest innovative folding electric tricycle recently which incorporates the beauty of the bike design with practical daily features two wheels in front and one in rear . the front and rear wheels have the same size of 20'. the front two springs will adjust and balance the rider when turning around the corner or any sudden changes of the direction is made. this trike is equipped with 36V 10Ah light weight Li-Ion batteries pack which can run about 45km distance per charge . it also can be folded to fit into the car trunk or van.
Frame: Aluminium Alloy 6061 ( T4/T6 heat treatment )
Wheel Size: 20'' Front & Rear
Motor: 250W brushless geared motor
Battery: 36V 10Ah Li-Ion batteries pack
Controller: 36V 15A with low voltage and over current protection function
Speed: 25km/h
Range: about 45km per charge
Brake system: Front & Rear band brake with heat release disc
Gear system: shimano 6 gears
Rack: Alloy integrated with the frame
Charger: 110V or 220V smarter charger 1.8A
Handle bar & Stem: stainless steel
Chain wheel & Crank : Alloy
Folding Mechanism: Yes
Basket: Big basket


ecoway folding tricycle

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Re: ecoway folding electric tricycle

nise. could you show us some close ups on the front steering mechanism thanks .
also what extra waight does it add ?? kev

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