Polonium ?

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Is Polonium used in some of these Lithium batteries? I am trying to search on eBay for good prices and what I get for a search is LiFePo4 instead of Li=Lithium, Fe=iron, and PO4= phosphate??? It gets changed to Polonium =Po
And most of the cells and batteries are from Hong Kong China. I plan on making my XM-3000 Lithium powered vs the Pb sled that it is. I cant get the range over 29 miles US miles. And that is dead DEAD range. Jungle keeps on coming up for search for Lithium batteries and cells.


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Re: Polonium ?

Your o needs to be an O: Li-Fe-P-O4

Po4 would be 4 molecules of Polonium, whereas P04 is one molecule of phosphorus surrounded by 4 molecules of oxygen - which is a defining characteristic of phospates: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphate

I knew my Chemistry O-Level would come in handy at some point! ;-)

p.s. I converted my XM-3000 to a 20 cell LiFePO4 bike with TS 40Ah cells. I love it.


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Re: Polonium ?

I hope they don't contain Polonium. Polonium makes Plutonium look like a benign material to handle.

It has been used for use in radioactive thermoelectric generators which are much lighter than the Plutonium powered ones and would be the ultimate EV power source battery it it wasn't so volatile, poisonous, and radioactive. About 90 grams of Po210 would power an electric Maxi scooter continuously at top speed without stopping for about a year and a half!


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