Brammo's Shocking Barack ride from Detroit to Washington DC

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This morning I spoke with Brian Wismann of Brammo on the phone about the ride they're taking across the U.S. The goal is to raise awareness of electric motorcycles (oh, and to raise awareness of the Enertia motorcycle) etc. It sounds like a great adventure they're undertaking.

The goals include increasing awareness in the general public that electric vehicles, to demonstrate the utility of the Enertia motorcycles, to demonstrate issues with electric motorcycle charging infrastructure (see Electric Vehicle infrastructure issues demonstrated by Shocking Barack ride), and they also hope to meet with President Obama when they reach DC and present him with the motorcycles.

The route is not nailed in stone but is determined by the need to recharge. They're usually stopping at strip malls and getting permission from the businesses to plug in. Each one is turning into a mini-impromptu-town-hall on electric vehicles and whatnot.

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