VPX Battery for scoot use

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Hi everyone this is my first post so yea here goes...

i rember hearing a couple years back about ppl taking the DeWalt battery packs for the A123 cells inside as well as the VPX 7v batteries... and i just found out that the Yuasa battery is pretty much dead/wont hold a decent charge. so i was thinking about using A123 cells in a 4S (and later when i get more funds a 4S2P) to get roughly 13.2 volts

i got my inspration from these two sites

but in order to keep things simple is that i wanted to keep the VPX battery pack intact and hook two up in series and then wire it up to my 200cc scoot. only to keep things cheap and simple so i can plug it into the stock charger with no modifications, or if i wanted i can use the battery for the VPX tools n stuffs.

im just not too sure if the 18650 cells would provide enough amps for the starter motor as opposed to using the bigger 26650 cells

what do you guys think?

thanks in advance




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