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Hello everyone,

Apparently it is possible to get the BIONX firmware upgraded. I currently own a PL-250 with CAN-BUS communication system (you can tell by the serial below the console it starts with 2332) and my firmware version is 3.8. The new version (I've read 4.3 somewhere) is supposed to get rid of the vibration when going uphill or downhill. Of course I would be interested in that upgrade.

So far no answer from BIONX after I e-mailed them.

The only BIonX dealer in town has no clue that this is possible (he has 4.0 version and he said that vibration is gone).

Of course if I could remove the 32km/h limit at the same time that would be SUPER! I'm still looking around for a way to do this with new BionX model.

Anyway if anyone has any input ;)


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Re: Firmware upgrade

I also get that vibration on braking but I also experience it when accelerating on a hill. I have a PL350 mounted on a Sun Bikes Recumbent. Any help would be appreciated to find out how to get and install that firmware upgrade. I've had nothing but trouble attempting to contact and/or deal with the company.


Freddie B.

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Re: Firmware upgrade

we are an authorized Bionx dealer and indeed we experienced vibrations while riding downhill and over 40 km/h with a PL-350 (firmware 3.8).
When we upgraded the firmware to version 4.3 the vibrations were gone !

We can only upgrade the firmware of your kit if you bring us all three components : console, battery and motor.

Sorry but we cannot do this kind of upgrades remotely.

If you are located in Germany (PLZ 6 & 7) or in some cantons of Switzerland, our technician might be able to visit during his monthly scheduled tour.

For more information and special offers on Bionx kits please visit our website

Thank you

Support Team

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