What do you do when the 1200 amp fuse on you r electric motorcycle fuse blows?

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Here at infineon were having a great time with preparing for the race on Sunday. The teams had two rounds of practice time on the track.

One team, Werkstatt Racing is very new to electric motorcycles but they are an experienced racing team. I had posted a plea for sponsors a couple weeks back, and they still do require some donations and they're making it open for everyone to help them get through this race series. They're great people.

They have a mavizen bike which is attempting to be a faithful clone of the bike which won the ttxgp 2009 race last year. Twin Agni motors and the whole thing. They had just received it a couple days ago and a mavizen engineer is working close with them to get it going. The thing is the fuse has blown twice on the track. IIRC the fuse it came with was rated for 700 amps which is a phenomenal size itself. That blew, and somehow they located a 1200 amp fuse. Note that the battery pack is around 100 volts. The 1200 amp fuse blew. So at 5pm or so I was in their booth watching someone (a visforvoltage member, BTW) concoting a fuse by soldering a pair of thick wires between the tabs of the blown fuse.

That's what you do when the 1200 amp fuse blows, all the fuse stores are closed for the day, and you have a race to compete in.


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