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Two-wheeled full size motorcycles

Drill Bike - Kawasaki 550 converted to DeWalt 36 Volt and PMG motor

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Converted this barn find 550 in 2009 - 2000+ miles on it so far. Added 4 more batteries in 2011 for extended range and a little more kick. Bike is a blast - slow off the line but kicks but between 25 and 45 mph (direct drive - no clutch, no gears). Only 230 lbs. Tricky paralleling the DeWalts but once balanced they stay balanced. The A123 batteries are a best kept secret - you can discharge them 100% and they charge up and ask for more. Over 200 charge cycles to 80-100% and they are still full capacity - no sag in range or voltage. Not much warning when they run out, though - you are blasting merrily along and then... nothing. Check out the discharge curves on the home page.

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My bike is a 1993 Suzuki GSX-R, converted to 100% electric.

The pic below shows a D&D series motor.

Soon switching to AC-20, Curtis 7601.

front_far_short (Small).jpg


1985 Honda VF 700 becomes 96volt with 8 optima batteries

I converted a 1985 Honda VF700F into an InertiaV96/400A
I originally installed 8 Optima Yellowtops 55Ah, but the bike was too heavy, so I took two off. Now I contemplate changing the gear ratio for higher top speed, as torque goes way down at 60mph(<8ft lbs). I rely on this bike for most of my travels, on a daily basis. I plan to get rid of the ICE in my car now and convert it too. This was my first project of this kind and I am pleased with the turn out. For anyone thinking that this kind of project is impossible, reconsider. I had virtually no skills related, other than performing moderate auto repairs.
I did not plan in advance or draw much of a working blueprint, but everything just went together smoothly. My biggest mistake was not learning the mathematical formulas needed for calculating gears in advance and not getting the motor performance charts to predetermine what I would end up with. I wasted a lot of money because of my initial laziness, after the second sprocket, I said, that's it! I'm learning the math.
My next upgrade will be LiFePo4 for traction pack.

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BrammoBrian's Enertia

My Brammo Enertia Limited Edition #7 of 30.



Nowashocki is an excellent suburban commuter. It passes cars easily, sucks up potholes, and handles well. The regen (typically 5-10%)doesn't really add much range because the best range is obtained when riding like a hypermiler - decelerating so gently the regen doesnt kick in. But who wants to do that? This is about fun and I love regen because I can approach a corner fast, back off the throttle, and it feels like the major compression braking of a 4-stroker! Motorcyclists NEED this feeling! The entire system has worked flawlessly so far. I am very happy with the bike but wish I had spent the $ and put 3x the Ah into it --- LiFePO4??


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Got Juice Motorcycle

Electra Cruiser

custom hand made harley style frame, similar to harley 4 speed.

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Carmen the 'e'Lectra - an EMB Lectra.


104 amp-hour, 24 volt VRLA advanced battery pack
VR24 drive system with integral helical gear speed reduction
Fully automatic on-board charger
Electric, power-assisted regenerating rear brake with anti-lock features
Hydraulic fork with aluminum triple clamps
Twin coil-over-shock, adjustable rear suspension
Full floating hydraulic caliper front disk brake
Cast aluminum alloy helical style wheels
Dunlop TT90 GP performance tires
Chrome foot pegs
Custom seat
Electronic twist grip "smart" throttle
Safety neutral mode with "Power" select
Keyed ignition switch
State-of-charger (fuel) meter - not working on mine - using a Packtrakr
Reserve fuel mode - see above
Sealed beam hi/lo/flash headlight system
Turn and tail light package
Dual rear view mirrors - not on mine.
Tool kit - missing.

Some pictures:
From the Right

With my Yamaha Fazer 600 in the background

The Lectra has an Amphenol socket with 4 coloured wires that allow you to monitor (or charge) the 4 batteries individually, I made a diagram of this:


DOT certified

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