XB600 adding a 5th battery for running at 60V

Here is how I took my X-treme xb 600 from 48v and 21 mph to 60v and 30 mph. First, you will need to remove the battery pack and seat. Also, take the lid off of the battery pack and make sure all the connection screws are tight(some of mine were loose). Next, drill (2) 1/4" holes in the corner of the seat pan in the left front corner. See Below...


Now, cut the black wire coming from the last battery's negative post and attach a length of 12 ga. or better wire to each black wire long enough to reach up to the storage area under the seat. The wire coming from the 4th battery's negative will go to the 5th battery's positive post. The other wire will go from the 5th battery's negative post to the plug that the black wire we just cut went to. Then route the 2 new wires through the hole in the battery box beside the plug. See Below....


Now would be a good time to put a piece of black tape on the wire that will go from the 5th battery's negative wire to the plug. This will save confusion when wiring everything together later. Or you could use black wire on the negative which I didn't think of until now. LOL! When you have done these steps put your battery box lid back on and rout your wires along side the battery pack plug along the frame and pull them up to the seat area in front of the controller. See Below....


Now install your seat pushing the wires through the 2 holes you drilled in the start of this project.


Now, put a female spade connector on one wire and a male spade connector on the other wire so you can plug these 2 wires together to charge the 48v pack with your stock charger. Now it is time to wire the 5th battery. Use any length of wire with a female spade connector on one end(If your battery has this kind of post). You will need one for the negative terminal and one for the positive. Now, remember that piece of tape you put on your negative wire coming from the battery pack plug? Good. If you put a female terminal on the end of it, you will need to put a male spade connector on the end of the wire that plugs onto the 5th battery's negative terminal. Also, I suggest using black tape on the 5th battery's negative wire or black wire so you know which wire plugs onto which post, because you will have to remove them from the terminals to charge the 5th battery with a standard 12v battery charger. See Below....


Here is the $28 charger I bought at the local Wal- Mart to charge my 5th battery...


This is how you will connect the 2 wires coming up through the seat for charging the 48v pack with the stock charger...


Now, the fun begins.


If you used a Female spade connector on the positive wire coming from the 48v pack(the wire you didn't put black tape on) then you will need to put a Male spade connector on the wire coming from the 5th battery's positive terminal. Likewise, you will put a female spade connector on the 5th battery's negative wire. This way, you should be able to connect the 2 battery pack wires together AND connect the positive wire to the 5th battery's positive, and the negative pack wire to the 5th battery's negative when you are ready to ride in 60v. Now, let's wire it up for 60v.
With all of your spade connectors in place, connect the positive wire coming from the battery pack(yes, this is actually the wire coming from the 4th battery's negative) to the wire that connects to the 5th battery's positive terminal. Do the same on the negative.(Both wires that had black tape should be hooked together) See Below....


You are now running 60v on your 48v scooter. If you have already done the shunt mod on your controller (E-max Controller Mods - Shunt Resistor Trick) then you are about to have some real 30mph fun!! Actually if you haven't done the shunt mod I would suggest you stop right now, take off your controller, get out your soldering iron and drill, and do it first. As soon as I figure out how to get video off my cell phone and onto my pc I'll put a vid of my speedo as I'm going 30 mph up on youtube and link it here. Till then here's a pic of my latest mod. :)


I hope this thread will be useful for all who own xb 508s, xb 600s, or any other electric scooter. Post questions here and I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for all the help I've gotten from this forum and I hope this helps someone in return.

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Great article, but I cannot see the illustrations. Have the pics been removed, or is my pc facked?


Where are the pictures? Thx

I'm a newbie here and would like to ask a few questions.

#1 - Why use a second charger? Is it because the charger from Walmart is inexpensive? If simplicity were one of my goals (which it is), would it be possible to buy a 60V charger and change the newly expanded battery pack all at once? I'm curious if a 60V charger is a real option and not chastising your decision to use 2 chargers.

#2 - How does this approach change when implementing this on a XB-700Li?



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