The Douglas Pidcock 1922/1942 Electric Motorcycle -- a very early EV Motorcycle

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The following information about an early early early electric motorcycle, in Great Britain, was found on eBay ( and retrieved with a hat tip to Ted Dillard's blog post (

It's an 18 volt motorcycle, with 3 6 volt lead acid batteries. The speed controller is a switch that selects 6v, 12v and 18v.

According to the eBay listing, it was originally built from a Douglas 2 3/4 frame then modified with Mr Pidcocks own parts, some of which were from BSA. Mr Pidock converted the motorcycle using for a daily commute to work at a engineering company in Peterborough during the time of petrol rationing. (1942/3 === WW 2)

Max speed is 18 miles/hr. Riding is quiet with just tire and chain noise. Speed is selected by a lever 3 positions 6v, 12v and 18v and the clutch lever operating a Lucas solenoid switch to bring in the motor. The motor is a Morris lorry starter motor. I've had a new industrial charger made and the bike is fitted with 3 x 6v heavy duty rubber batteries.

The PDF attached below has the eBay listing with full details.











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