X-Treme XB-500 TUNING

I ordered one of these bikes to ship to Canada. 825 $ to door delivery.

Guys here is the question.

Can I change these old style SLA batteries and install let's say NiMh batteries on this bike with the same AMP and voltage to have more performance and life?

Who could know this?

I found here the batteries


And as far as I understand if I install 4 of these batteries this would give me the same 48 VOLTS but 40 AMPS instead of 48 with SLA.

And is it going to work ? What about motor? Or it is built to work with only SLA batteries?

Please I need advice.

My daily commute is 33 KM each way . Thus: one way is constant downhill and so another way is constant uphill. The ANGLE/ELEVATION is not that tough. On that 33 KM the elevation is about 120 meters. The elevation on one end is 220 meters and on another end is about 100 meters (difference is about 120 meters). In my understanding this is very very low angle hill.

I am explaining this to understand if the bike is able to get me to and from.

And if it cannot what batteries can be purchased to make it more powerful, long running and long living

Thanks for support Smiling

before comments


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Electrons are electrons. That means it largely doesn't matter what the battery chemistry, since batteries provide electrons those electrons will make the vehicle move.

However there are a couple issues to think about ...

Any kind of "fuel gauge" is at best a guess .. with SLA batteries it's pretty easy to check the voltage and guess how much charge is left in the battery. But with other battery technologies this isn't so easy. This means a battery fuel gauge meant for SLA batteries would be confused with other battery technologies.

The circuitry might have some other dependency to a specific voltage or voltage range. It's hard to say just what those would be. One concrete example is if you drastically change the voltage. You're talking about replacing a 48v pack with another 48v pack. But suppose you wanted some extra speed, that means a higher voltage pack so you might go for that. But the circuitry might not be rated for the higher voltage, the DC-DC converter (to get a 12v system for lighting) might not work for the higher voltage, etc.

guys about SLA batteries maintenance.

How to maintain them properly?

Some say it is always good to stay them charged since discharging is damaging these batteries.

But here is a question about holidays, weekends and winter when 99% probable not to ride an e-bike and so batteries should die if I believe those who say that batteries die in this case.

So the dilemma is how to maintain batteries.

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With SLA batteries - if they're left discharged for a long time it'll damage the batteries. It's best to keep them charged.

One way is to leave your charger plugged in. Assuming it's a properly designed charger it'll see the batteries are charged and just go into a float mode. Float mode is a trickle of electricity which will keep the batteries topped up.

But some chargers mess up when left on float. What I tend to do is plug the charger in every month or so because batteries tend to self-discharge a bit. Let them charge up then disconnect the charger. The trick is to remember when a month has passed.

For winter layup, I'd agree about the once a month charger. SLA batteries don't self-discharge very fast. Also pull the main fuse/breaker so they aren't accidentally discharged while in storage.

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