A123 announces new high energy density battery

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A123 announces new high energy density battery

A123 announces 32157 format high capacity nLiFePO4 battery. 4000 deep discharge cycles, 10 year life, 300,000 shallow cycles, -30 to +70 degrees operation

could not find the specs. I believe it can hold 35 wh (11 Ah x 3.2 v)


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Re: A123 announces new high energy density battery

I couldn't use the link above, but I found another report on the same subject:

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Re: A123 announces new high energy density battery

The thing I find interesting about this is that an 11 AH capacity is exactly the same as the paralleled up 5-pack Dewalt Battery pack I put together for my Aerorider. (See my posting on Dewalt Packs.) I'm hoping this means that I can get 4000 cycles out of my Dewalt pack before it drops by 5%. The A123 specs indicate that a lower discharge rate extends the numbers of cycles you get out of a battery, so it is possible that the main reason they spec 4000 cycles compared to the 1000-2000 cycles of 2.2 AH Standard Dewalt battery is not new techniques, but just because of the paralleling up of the anode and cathode plates, and the decreased current density the anode and cathode have to handle.

Let's hope these batteries really will be lower in cost. Buying them off of Ebay gets old....

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