100 amp 48-60V controller

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100 amp 48-60V controller

I saw a controller on evparts.com
It's rated 100amp max 48-60v.
My question is does anyone think this could power an electric motorcycle? I've been looking at the alltrax 7234, but at $475 it may be out of my price range for this product.

Would I be wasting my time with the 100amp max controller?

Again thanks in advance to all you knowledgeable folks, Jazzy.

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Re: 100 amp 48-60V controller

The wiring looks a bit small for 100 amps continuous. I haven't used it so I can't say how it performs. If you are hard pressed for cash than it might be a good choice. Best I can say is make sure it has a warranty and buy it. Otherwise, look for a used Curtis or Alltrax. 150 amps is also not very much for a motorcycle.

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Re: 100 amp 48-60V controller

Hey I have one of those controllers and has treated me pretty well during it service but I'm at work right now and can hopefully give you a little mini review with some pictures. Mine is set up for 24-60 or something like that, they have no cuttoff. But more about that later....

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Re: 100 amp 48-60V controller

Thanks for the advice Andrew. You are proving to be an exceptional weath of information.

I pretty much debated the whole weekend about that controller. I think I'm going to heed your advice and stick with either an alltrax or curtis used controller.

On a nice sidenote I pulled the engine out of the Rebel this weekend, so hopefully I can get the wheels off and start prepping the frame this week. We'll see how it goes and thanks again everybody for the good info.

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Re: 100 amp 48-60V controller

You can buy a 48V 100A controller (Model YK42-4) Yi-Yun Brand Controller from tncscooters.com for only $40 plus shipping. I have tried this controller and it is simple but heavy duty, and it puts out lots of current. It uses a Hall-effect throttle.

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