Vectrix lithium replacement

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Vectrix lithium replacement

Hi guys!

It seems things got a lot quieter here huh :)

Guess most Vectrixes have been scrapped or are gathering dust somewhere..

Well I still got mine.. must be about 10 years now..

Still cruising around on the original NiMh pack!
But it is getting a bit saggy now.. It will usually let me down after 15 km or so. I’m on a small island, but 15 km is really low even for here..

Thinking of changing the pack, because the rest of the bike is actually still pretty good I must say..

I know there is the vectrixparts website selling packs, but I find them rather expensive, so I was wondering if anyone did a conversion lately..

I wouldn’t be afraid to build a pack myself!
I don’t need hige range really.. I’d be happy with 30 or 40 kms or so, so I hope shedding some weight actually.

Any ideas would be welcome, what cells could be candidates, where to find, what bms, what charger...

I’m in Greece, but I wouldn’t exclude ordering from around the world..

Tx in advance!
And let’s see who’s still active here ;)

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Re: Vectrix lithium replacement

Isn't building a pack with Leaf cells straightforward?

What resources are available for you in Greece? Or do you have to order from elsewhere in Europe?

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Re: Vectrix lithium replacement

Dirk, I second that, get ahold of 18 to 20 Nissan Leaf cells and check out a few conversion videos on YouTube and you'll be back in business.

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Re: Vectrix lithium replacement

Hello!... from the Isle of Colonsay (Inner Hebrides, Scotland, UK). We only have 12 miles of single-track paved road so the relatively short range of the Vectrix is simply not an issue - besides which I have another 5 EVs here to choose from!

I brought my 2008 VX-1 up here when I moved home (and business - here last November from just north of London. It has been off the road over winter but the sun is out most days now and it's finally warming up - so the Vectrix is coo-ing at me from under its cover...

I upgraded mine to 42 x Sinopoly 40Ah LiFePO4 cells a few years ago which give it a good 50 miles of range. It has an Elithion Lite BMS which has not been ideal, frankly, and is rather unnecessarily complicated for modern, much more reliable cells - IMO.

I've had a quick look on the same (rather good) Czech site I bought my cells from and they have these...

... (20Ah, 3.2V - 178Hx28Wx71D - 0.65kg) cells for US$30 each. 42 of them would only half-fill (but very neatly with 8 rows across the width of the V's battery box and 5 - and a bit - rows long) the battery box - and leave plenty of room above for BMS etc. The pack would only weigh 25kg!

This would give you the range you need (~40km) for $1260 (+BMS)!


Regards, Martin Winlow
Herts UK

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Re: Vectrix lithium replacement

Hi thanks for your replies..

I've looked at some options..

Been looking at some youtube videos also, but I don't find one that shows what you actually need..

Nissan leaf cells seem pretty hard to find around here.. Except maybe from Vectrixparts' website but they'll cost around 150 euros per piece, so I was looking at Martin's solution also.. Seams feasible..

A few questions:

- BMS: I don't know much about them..
on I see some options.. what is needed/best?

- Charger: I have the silver one now (don't remember now how it's called). Does one use the same charger, or do you need another one?
Edit: I see there is software available for the existing charger to go with Lithium technology


ps: I also wanted to try something else: I actually have 2 NIMH packs (both in about the same condition). No dead cells, just getting saggy.
I run one of the Laird's latest firmwares, but they limit the low voltage cutoff point at 109 volts. Is there a way of lowering this? To say 102 Volts like it used to be? (I know it's not good for NIMH, but hey, I'm about to throw them out anyway..)

tx again

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Re: Vectrix lithium replacement

I'm still riding mine, I ditched the NiMH packs long ago and the bike rides SOO much better with less weight. I just bought packs from HobbyKing and designed my own monitoring system. I've found that using 36 lithium cells in series provides a decent pack voltage. In my case I use 36Sx2P for 72 cells total. I've been buying 6S packs and connecting them together. At full charge 4.2V x 36 = 151.2V. The VX1 can kill these though if you aren't careful. Also changed the suspension on the back as it doesn't need to be so stiff with the less weight. This is not for the faint hearted though, Lithium batteries can be dangerous. I can take some photos if you're interested. This is not a recommendation though, it's completely experimental but I'm having fun with it and it gets me 16 miles to work up some steep hills....

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Re: Vectrix lithium replacement

Sure, I'd like to see some pics!

Which cells did you use?
If you say the vectrix can kill them.. you have them without BMS?

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