eMax 120S Scooter controller repair colors

What colors go on eMax scooter controller? I have a Sevcon controller and the wires from the motor go to M1, M2 & M3 and the colors are Yellow, Blue, & Green. The scooter has V Moto / eMax labeling for the bike and model is 120S. The 2013 eMax / V moto 120S color white with Sevcon controller made in England or Great Britain.
The phases of the motor has to wired up so the motor spins correctly and smoothly.
I should of taken a PIX before shop worked on my scooter but I figured I'd get it back in one piece and repaired.
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Electro-saki conversion

December 1, 2008
Now that it's really winter here in Syracuse,NY and I am forced to put the Triumph Bonneville to bed for the season; it's now time to revisit the electric conversion.

Since the first post I now own a GE 7hp DC motor that I bought on ebay, and a Kelly controller.

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1981 Yamaha 650 XJ Conversion

First I have 2 motorcycles. Both are Yamaha 650's that I bought off ebay. I went to ohio for this bike...

Love the way it looks :) Just had to have it. Only thing needed is the carbs cleaned. They are being done now at the shop.

Went to Ct. for the parts bike. got to visit my brother when I was there and stayed over for the night.
This is the parts bike.

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